You can't afford to miss deliveries.

Self-service appointment setup increases repeat business and decreases operational costs.

Are you prioritizing your delivery experience to earn loyalty?

A moderate improvement in customer experience can increase revenue by $823 million on average over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenue.

For Home Delivery and White Glove shippers, self-service appointment scheduling can be the edge you need to differentiate your business and win customers. Convey makes it easy to let your customers schedule deliveries on their own terms.


45.1% of customers expect a two hour window or less


3 out of 10 large-item shipments require multiple contact attempts


Failed delivery appointments add 4.64 days to delivery timeline


Each failed delivery costs the retailer $69 

* Results from Convey 2018 Annual Consumer Retail Survey

Convey self-service Delivery Scheduling solves White Glove appointment issues.

  • Simple interface schedules an appointment in 3 clicks
  • Automated confirmation emails and rescheduling
  • Customizable delivery windows
  • Reduce failed customer calls and delivery attempts

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Automate Delivery Scheduling with Convey

› Drive Sales and Loyalty

Improve buyer confidence for large-item purchases and win repeat business with a better delivery experience.

› Reduce Delivery Costs

Reduce return fees for undeliverable shipments due to no-shows or missed delivery times.

› Increase Efficiency

Free up your customer care teams by eliminating the need for appointment scheduling calls and reducing delivery exceptions.

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